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What are Positive Power Lines?

Power lines transmit energy. They contain and direct power, delivering it quickly, usefully and safely. The energy conveyed through power lines provides comfort, illumination, and communication to all who are connected.

While it remains contained within the lines, power gently, quietly does its work. 

When a line breaks and wildly snakes about, following a storm or accident, power is no longer contained and directed. The power itself becomes dangerous.

This is the concept of Positive Power Lines™ in communication.

Containing and directing our communication power dials down the listeners’ stress and anxiety. This empowers us to deliver both the energy and ideas of a message in a way that can be calmly received.

 Simple words and phrases open dialogues, uncover hidden issues, and sometimes even open hearts to listen more deeply, receive new ideas and envision a brighter future, grounded in communication.

I look forward to exploring the language of communication with you as, together, we unlock its potential to help us become confident, clear and connected.

The Communicator’s Way®


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