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About Wizard Inc

Wizard Inc exists to build leadership, customer service, and presentation skills.

I’m committed to helping clients construct wise and compassionate communities where confident, clear, connected communication can be fully realized.


... a message from Gloria ...

I love questions that begin with: “What should I say when.....?”

There’s an effective way to communicate in every scenario. Whether you face a high-stakes situation or an ongoing issue that seems unsolvable, you’re likely to find an answer and solution through the magic of communication.

Talk can't solve every issue, yet communication serves as the starting point that can bring about resolutions to every challenge.

Some say I’m a matchmaker who will help you fall in love with your ability to communicate. 

My work doesn’t only apply to introverts, sensitive individuals or nervous public speakers. I frequently work with aggressive communicators to help them dial down their power to keep the defenses of others (those they serve or lead) lowered in order to provide a path for communication.

After more than twenty years of working with groups in healthcare and government organizations, teaching in classrooms and working one-on-one as a coach, this innovative training will now be widely available for anyone who want to quickly and effectively build high-level communication and presentation skills.

Comprehensive training and coaching is based on:

  • The Communicator’s Way® which makes speaking the language of communication easy, fun and within the reach of virtually everyone. You can connect more effectively than you ever thought possible, just by making some simple changes in your communication.
  • Speak on Your Feet® which provides a stress-free approach to public speaking. It will open doors for you that you might have thought were forever closed.

Remember, nothing happens without communication. With it, every solution emerges from the power of your voice.


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