What Clients are Saying

Your program was entertaining as well as educational, and I know our group found your practical suggestions for improving communication skills to be very enlightening. In particular, your suggestions regarding personal marketing were beneficial, and your helpful hints regarding "selling ourselves" without appearing arrogant were much appreciated by our membership.

—A. Ann Berkebile
Organization Committee Chairperson

You have the ability to establish rapport with diverse groups of people, and a willingness to tailor your workshop to meet the needs of various employees. Many people who were previously apprehensive about presenting, are now able to stand up in front of groups with much more ease and skill after taking your class.

—Sheryn Holinsworth
Personnel Analyst/Trainer

I really believe your class has made a difference for me. I have had two instances at work, yesterday and today, that went very differently for me which I am certain is a result of your class. This is huge for me!

—Jeanette Moreland
Communication Lab student

I have to admit, I didn't see [our employee] being able or having the desire to turn her poor work performance around. Since your time with her, [she] has done a complete 180-degree turnaround and now performs at a high level with a sense of purpose. Your expertise speaks volumes in her results.

—Bryon Jesse
Operations Manager

[Gloria] went the extra mile by assessing the needs of my staff via personal interviews, surveys, individual managerial challenges and different approaches. Her interactive approach was not only entertaining but also highly informative, and I would recommend her to any business that wants to motivate staff to better communicate with customers and other employees.

—Debora Gordon
General Manager

At first I was really apprehensive about the sessions because I really didn't know what to expect, but [Gloria] did a super job in alleviating my concerns. She was extremely knowledgeable in her coaching and did extremely well in bringing all the issues together to a point that really made a lot of sense.

—James Heilman
Communication Skills Personal Coaching

Gloria meets each person where they are to begin the process of building their communication confidence. She then guides them, step-by-step to a place in which they can own their power in any high-pressure, high-stakes setting.

— Kim Brundage
Photographer, Marketing Specialist

As an educator, mentor and colleague, Gloria imparts practical wisdom with each interaction. Her teaching style focuses on open communication and solving real-life business difficulties.

—Ceci Harrison
Communication Lab student



Your expertise and quality teaching on public speaking helped me ease into a good comfort level. I found the class very helpful, and it certainly raised my comfort level and boosted my confidence in front of an audience.

—Kelly Quinn
Speak on Your Feet® student

I had been having a very hard time trying not to personalize customer complaints and was dreading them. After your class I began looking forward to complaints so that I could try out these new skills! Your class made a huge difference in how I've approached these situations. I am sharing a picture of flowers that I got from an upset customer yesterday after I was able to help with my new "Wizard" skills!

—Gabrielle Jessup
Communication Lab student

Your commitment to increasing individuals’ knowledge and self-awareness related to the vast topic of diversity is tremendous. As a facilitator, you have a real gift of involving the participants in a very non-threatening manner that encourages personal and professional growth.

—Betty Bryson
Education Coordinator

We sent [our employee] to the Positive Power™ Leadership seminar, and he is a new person. He really learned a lot about working with other people and displays a whole new attitude! He continues to reference your workshop and was exchited to know that we may have other attend.

—Rebecca Jones
Human Resources